The body of the actor from the movie “The Green Book” was found in New York.

Media: Actor Frank Vallelong found dead in New York

Actor Frank Vallelonga, who starred in the movie “The Green Book”, was found dead in New York. This was reported by Deadline on Thursday, December 1.

The actor’s body was discovered on Monday, November 28, but was not identified until Thursday. The police clarified that the actor showed no obvious signs of trauma and the cause of death has not yet been determined.

The story also states that law enforcement arrested Steven Smith, 35, of Bronx County, where Vallelong’s body was found, on charges of concealing a body.

The film “The Green Book,” directed by Peter Farrelly, tells the story of the friendship between driver Frank Vallelong, better known as Tony Vallelong, and pianist Don Shirley. “The Green Book” has already won three Golden Globes. American filmmakers give the picture top marks in their ratings, while relatives of those about whom the film is told accuse the authors of slander and deliberate distortion of facts.

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