New York City police warehouse fire destroys evidence gathered over 30 years

In New York City, a fire in a police warehouse destroyed evidence collected by the police, including decades ago. This was reported on December 14 by CBS News TV channel.

The fire began in Brooklyn on December 13 and lasted almost a full day. Smoke continues to billow over the building, located near the bay. The NYPD has admitted that it will take several days for the fire to be fully contained.

The warehouse held a variety of physical evidence, such as DNA samples and vehicles. Some of it was collected 20-30 years ago and was still of value to the investigation.

The building partially collapsed, causing the NYPD to speculate that the materials stored there were destroyed.

Eight people were reported injured after the fire started, three of whom were firefighters, three were medical personnel and two were civilians. The cause of the fire is unknown. About 150 firefighters were involved in extinguishing the fire, and drones and boats are also being used.

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