Police apprehend a burglar at Robert De Niro’s home in New York

Police apprehended a criminal who tried to burglarize the home of American actor Robert De Niro in New York. It was reported on December 19 by TMZ citing sources.

The incident occurred Monday morning around 3:30 (11:30 Moscow time). A 30-year-old woman broke down the door of a house and went inside. According to police, the intruder was trying to steal presents from the Christmas tree.

According to the source, the actor was at home with his family at the time. He heard a noise and went downstairs to stop the burglar. She was detained on the spot by on-call police officers. The police said that the woman had committed similar crimes on more than one occasion.

De Niro is best known for his work in crime films, thrillers and dramas. In particular, he is known for his roles in the films “The Godfather”, “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “The Irishman”, “The Rascal” and others. The actor is the recipient of Golden Globe Awards (1981, 2011) and Academy Awards (1975, 1981).

In November, former participant of “House-2” and blogger Victoria Bonya reported that her apartment in Monaco was burglarized. The criminals left behind empty shelves and a mess. The blogger did not specify what exactly was missing from the apartment.

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