New York mayor goes on trial for mass breeding of rats in a house

A court has begun hearing the case against New York City Mayor Eric Adams on charges of breeding rats at his property in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, The New York Times reported Dec. 6.

It is known that sanitary inspector has written out to the head of the city a fine of $300 for insanitary conditions in the building belonging to him. But the official decided to challenge the fine in court, noting that he himself is a zealous fighter against rodents and has made many efforts to get rid of rats.

“And as a landlord, he claimed to have spent nearly $7,000 in March on rat control at the property on Lafayette Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, promising to email a bill to prove it,” the publication notes.

The bailiff believes an evidentiary review of the case and a verdict will occur within 30 days, the newspaper said.

In May 2021, residents of New York City complained about an infestation of rats and other vermin that appear in high-rise buildings that are falling apart. It is noted that high-rise buildings, which were infested by rats, commissioned from 1945 to 1970. In such houses live approximately 400 thousand of the poorest residents of New York.

In November 2020, the American company Orkin, headquartered in Atlanta, which provides services to eliminate harmful rodents in residential and commercial premises, released a list of 50 American cities, which has the largest population of rats.

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